Bonnie Luopa

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Bonnie Luopa Watercolors

I am a self taught dabbler of the paint brush. It all started back in grade school experimenting with acrylics, oils, sketching and sculpting which eventually lead to watercolor. Taking the occasional course from professional artists has also furthered my knowledge and optimism about ART.

I have always found nature to be my greatest inspiration and motivator. I paint in a realistic style using photos I have taken for reference. Bold and colorful describes my watercolors. Watercolor is an intriguing and powerful medium. I am only just beginning to realize what it can do. Mother Nature gives us water but water alone decides what it wants to do.

I will continue to experiment with techniques, application, pigment activity and marvel at how water interacts with these processes to create a wonderful surprise.

I am offering a number of original watercolor paintings in limited edition Giclee prints. Each print is signed by myself and numbered 1 through 50. They are available unframed. Unframed prints have been supported by backerboard and place in a sealed, acid free clear plastic envelope for protection. Giclee’s are printed on heavy duty paper or true watercolor paper.